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Meet the Team

Ted Rooney | Artistic Director

Ted (he/him) got serious about acting when he went to grad school at Temple University. He then did a bunch of theatre in NYC for 6 years before moving to LA, where he did some of the best stage roles of his life as Hollywood supported his “theatre habit”. Moving back to his home town of Portland turned out to be a huge blessing as he discovered that teaching acting was one of his great passions. Recently, Ted’s teaching brought him here to the old Shoebox where he is blessed again with the surprise that he actually loves running a theatre. And yes, Ted was Morey on Gilmore Girls.


Victoria Spelman | Associate Producer

Victoria (she/her) is a producer at 21ten Theatre. As a producer, she handles many tasks including program/playbill creation, prop facilitating, social media, marketing, outreach, guest artist communications, production scheduling, and more. She anticipates that in the future, this role will involve engaging with sponsor/donor communications and fundraising efforts.Victoria is a Portland based actor, director and intimacy director.


AC Campbell | Associate Producer

AC (they/them) is a Portland based actor, producer, and director. They enjoy all things production and at 21ten, on both BareBones and Mainstage productions, they handle tasks such as production management, scheduling, guest artist communications, front of house organizing, outreach, programming, and digital organization. Locally they work with Third Rail Repertory Theatre as a Front of House Manager and as a freelance theatre artist. They hold a BA in Theatre with a Distinction in Performance from Lewis & Clark College.

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Mia Webster | Resident Stage Manager

Originally from Philadelphia, Mia is a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark College who is settling into life as a Portland-based stage manager. Recent credits include Really Rosie (Fir Acres Theatre), This is My Something (Fir Acres Theatre), (now again) (Fir Acres Theatre), RENT (Fir Acres Theatre), 52 Pick Up (21ten), Here We Are Again Still (21ten), and Piercing the Veil (Štepán Šimek/Musica Universalis/21ten).

Barry Carman | Grants Manager

Barry (he/him) is a director, dramaturg, deviser, and recent transplant to the PNW. He also gets to write grants for the amazing humans at 21Ten Theatre.  Some favorite directing credits include: Heroes of the Fourth Turning, Escaped Alone, Wakey, Wakey (BLUEBARN Theatre), The SHOW! (Out of Hand Theater), 2012 (Witching Hour), and any number of rad plays developed at the Great Plains Theatre Commons. He is queer, formerly incarcerated, formerly unhoused, and formerly unhinged. Barry is a member of LMDA and holds a degree in Theatre Studies from Emory University. He is super proud to serve on the board of Anastasis Theatre Company and as Development Manager for Bag&Baggage Productions.


Mary Krantz

Mary (she/her) is a volunteer at 21ten Theatre. In the past, they’ve spearheaded community outreach to other local theatres, organized volunteers for front of house, and helped with internal organization at 21Ten. In the future, she’d love to focus on helping with internal communication, team building, building company protocols, and gathering feedback from visiting artists/patrons in order to help improve the experience folks have when interacting with 21ten in any regard.


Brenda Mehlhorn

Brenda Mehlhorn (she/her) first found her way to 21ten Theatre as an actor looking to grow her skills, and has since volunteered a variety of support to the theatre. She has provided on set photography for use in media, online platforms and promotional materials. Her roles have additionally extended to placeholding as 21ten continues to grow new roles within the crew, and working as a support on updating the design of the marquee. In the future, she hopes to continue to capture single moments of 21ten's immersive productions through her photography, and to one day make her way back to the stage.


Annie Trevisan

Annie (she/he/they) is a volunteer at 21ten Theatre. Annie has worn many hats in the past at 21ten including grant writing, project management, producing, and volunteer coordination. When not acting onstage, Annie is excited to work closely with nonprofit and grassroots organizations to extend 21ten's reach to all areas of the community. They are deeply passionate about accessibility, transformative art, and therapeutic story-telling. Annie is committed to bringing humility, authenticity, and accountability to all of the work they do, in and behind the scenes.

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