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Production History

Adopt A Sailor

A sophisticated New York couple adopt a young sailor from Arkansas for a day and they realize how much they have in common as their heartfelt values collide.

Adopt A Sailor trailer.

A Number

A Number trailer

A Number actor interviews

Bernard learns from his father that he

is one of many clones, and begins to unravel the story behind

his past.

Taking Care of Animals

Taking Care of Animals trailer

Taking Care of Animals interviews

A play that takes place on a farm in Iowa during a winter storm with power struggles between employees and the landowner

as his daughter tries to navigate the chaos and vies for 


First World
52 Pick-Up

51 Pickup


 A messy, passionate love story of two. Each of the 52 cards is one scene, meaning the story is told  in a new order every night.

Going to St. Ives

Going to St. Ives trailer

A play about moral

dilemmas, consequences

of actions, and what do

we as humans owe

each other?

Here We Are Again Still

A funny, heartfelt ode to community, finding your purpose, and the beauty of the unknown about the three lost souls who find themselves forging an unexpected connection.

Laughing Wild

A provocative and

hilarious study of the perils of modern life told by two characters struggling to find happiness and meaning in urban America while battling mental illness,

loneliness and longing for connection.

Holy Days

 A slice of life play about

a family struggling to

survive on the Kansas

plains during the

Dust Bowl era.

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