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BareBones Productions

Good actors, good stories, told simply.

Mobile theatre that aims to serve the community using the core ingredients of dramatic storytelling


21ten BareBones Repertoire Productions:

52 Pick-Up

by TJ Dawe and Rita Bozi

A deck of cards is tossed into the air, each one inscribed with the title of a scene. Wherever they land determines how the story unfolds. 52 Pickup tells the messy, passionate story of a relationship—all shuffled up in a randomized order. A rollercoaster romance that changes with every performance, it is a unique theatrical experience you don’t want to miss.


With Annie Trevisan and Brian Pater. Original music by Ben Stormer.

Here We Are Again Still

by Christian O’Reilly

A lonely Irish widower spends all his nights sitting by himself on a bench outside his housing complex. As his stubborn neighbor repeatedly urges him to get inside for a change, and a down-on-his-luck young newcomer decides to start frequenting the very same bench, the three lost souls find themselves forging an unexpected connection. Here We Are Again Still is a funny, heartfelt ode to community, finding your purpose, and the beauty of the unknown.


With Ted Rooney, Carla Grant, and Ben Lawrence

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