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Sunday Reading Series

Once a month, 21ten Theatre presents a reading of a new play by an Oregon-based playwright. Minimally rehearsed and volunteer operated, the readings are a chance for playwrights to hear their work brought to life, for actors to get to practice their craft in a low commitment, fun setting, and for the community at large to experience an exciting new story. Interested in hearing your piece read?


Submit your script here.​

​PREVIOUS READINGS Warday by Tobias Anderson ​ Madonna of the Cat by Sue Mach ​ Mink River by Myra Platt ​ Mr. Ponzi’s $cheme by Doren Elias ​ Still Harvey Still by Brianna Barrett ​ The Usual Unusual by MJ Halberstadt ​ Refuse by Meg Wiles ​ Crooked Numbers by Ellen Margolis

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