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BareBones Productions

Good actors, good stories, told simply.

Mobile theatre that aims to serve the community using the core ingredients of dramatic storytelling


Our Next BareBones Production:

Coming September 2024...

21ten BareBones Repertoire Productions:

Adopt a Sailor

By Charles Evered

Directed by Chris Harder

When a sophisticated New York City couple adopt a young sailor from Arkansas for a day during fleet week, their heartfelt values collide and reveal just how much we truly have in common.


With Jeb Berrier, Brook Hogan, and Rocco Weyer.

52 Pick-Up

By TJ Dawe and Rita Bozi

A deck of cards is tossed into the air, each one inscribed with the title of a scene. Wherever they land determines how the story unfolds. 52 Pickup tells the messy, passionate story of a relationship—all shuffled up in a randomized order. A rollercoaster romance that changes with every performance, it is a unique theatrical experience you don’t want to miss.


With Annie Trevisan and Brian Pater. 

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Here We Are Again Still

By Christian O’Reilly

A lonely Irish widower spends all his nights sitting by himself on a bench outside his housing complex. As his stubborn neighbor repeatedly urges him to get inside for a change, and a down-on-his-luck young newcomer decides to start frequenting the very same bench, the three lost souls find themselves forging an unexpected connection. Here We Are Again Still is a funny, heartfelt ode to community, finding your purpose, and the beauty of the unknown.


With Ted Rooney, Carla Grant, and Ben Lawrence



BareBones on the road and in the community

Not Pictured:
Here We Are Again Still performances at
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and Columbia River Correctional Facility

Are you a non-profit? Interested in bringing a BareBones Production to your community organization? Contact
Rocco Weyer for more information!

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